PVC banner is one of the known ways to advertise in a cheap way. A PVC banner allows you to get your message delivered loud and clear. It is highly versatile and you can make it however you want for various purposes and campaigns. A PVC banner uses vinyl material and is printed with a vinyl printer that results in high quality, crisp image to ensure that your banner looks great from any distance.

You might still have several questions regarding PVC banners and here is what Kiasuprint. Here are a few questions that are often asked along with the answer that may enrich your knowledge regarding banners and convince you more to make one for your own advertising campaign.

What exactly is a PVC banner?

A PVC banner is a promotional product that comes in a large format. Usually, it is printed on 450 gsm RipStop vinyl. A PVC banner is made of strong material that is tear-resistant as well as waterproof. It can withstand most conditions so it is very good for outdoor advertising uses as well as indoor.

What are the available sizes for a PVC banner?

A PVC banner can range from A2 size to 3m x 1m. Usually, the latter is more popular because the larger it is, the bigger the impact of your banner can be. It will be hard to miss and surely catches the attention of passing people.

How does PVC banner is hanged?

A PVC banner usually comes with eyelets in each corner. Upon ordering, you must make sure that the manufacturer will make it that way for you. This will allow you easy hanging of the banner.

Where should PVC banner be hung?

To simply put it, a PVC banner can be put up anywhere you want. Indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter. However, for outdoor hanging, you must make sure that you already have the permission to place your banner there to avoid getting into trouble. As mentioned before PVC banner can withstand a large variety of weather conditions so you don’t have to worry about putting it wherever necessary.

The effectiveness of a PVC banner depends on how well you can design the content of it. If you are unfamiliar with designing software, you can try finding a printing service that is able to do the design for you or hire a designer to create the banner the way you want it to be. The elements in a banner must complement each other and is suitable for the target you want to aim in your advertising campaign. Choose a color scheme, pick an interesting image or picture, use a type of font that catches attention but is not difficult to be read, and most importantly, make sure that the message that is included in the banner conveys everything you want to say in a concise way. A banner might be large, but people will not take too much time reading everything. Mostly, they only pass by it. So, you have to make sure that the second they see the banner counts.