Why Singapore is best for food and beverage business?

When you are planning to start the coffee shop company set up in Singapore then you should know why Singapore is considered a suitable place for your tea and coffee shop business. Singapore is the most favourable place for foreign investors those who are interested to spread out their business abroad. Unlike other countries, the company registration is not a difficult one. Because the official formalities of company establishment are quite easy in Singapore when compared with other countries.

How to set up a tea and coffee shop business in Singapore?

Singapore is the business-friendly environment those who are seeking for the perfect place for opening their tea and coffee shop business. But, before that, you must be clear with the business set up the process in Singapore. Generally, we all know that the initial step is you must be properly registered and licensed of your new business according to the business set up in Singapore. This is a very important task.

Here we are guiding you to set up a coffee shop in Singapore:

The first step is you should be pre-planned about your dream coffee shop in Singapore. You should have includes financial estimation, marketing strategies, cost plan, budgeting, suppliers, service standards, operations, and hiring policies. It is also recommended to be pre-planned about the contingency plan and quit strategy so that you can some if any emergency situations.

Next important one is you should be conscious of raising the business capital which means it includes the labour cost, rental rates and the cost of living in Singapore. It comes approximately around 50,000 to 60,000 dollars for set up your new coffee shop in Singapore. So keep it in mind when you plan for raising your capital.

If you are thoroughly clear about the above two things then you must think about how to take your business legally. You should concentrate on following important things to indulge your business with proper Singapore legitimate process.

  • You should register with Company Incorporation in Singapore.
  • You need to get the Food Shop License
  • You should be qualified for hiring staff and to be registered with CPF.
  • You should register in halal eating establishment scheme.
  • You must have a liquor license and entertainment license.
  • Your business should be registered to import processed food products and appliances
  • Finally, you must have your GST registration certificate.

Through the company incorporation, you can get your mandatory Licenses and company registrations in Singapore for starting your new business. First, you should get your food shop license for selling food and drinks at your shop. Before that you need to produce some documents such as planning permission/change of use approval, a copy of ACRA registered company business profile, a copy of NRIC, letter of authorization, floor plan, layout plan of the premises, tenancy agreement/letter of consent, pest control contract, cleaning programme/schedule, basic food hygienic certificate/refresher food hygiene certificate, documentary proof of vehicle ownership and others.