An envelope is one of the most often used items in various business affairs. Envelopes are used as a “packaging” of important documents; thus, its quality is important. Nowadays, even a good envelope design is required to heighten the chance of it getting opened by the receiver. For companies, it can show and assure the receiver that the letter or document inside that envelope is official from the company instead of it being considered a trash or junk mail. That’s why envelope printing has become a need for a lot of enterprises or even smaller business.

If you are curious about how to create and print your own custom-designed envelopes, here are what you can do.

1. Make the envelope design

For company, event, or organization specific envelopes, you must first prepare the design of the envelopes before anything else. The overall quality of your envelope will rely heavily on the design of it. Even if you use a premium quality papers or inks, if the design is not good, then it will result in a low-quality envelope.

There are a lot of ways to create envelope designs. Some software that can help you include Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, or even the simple Ms. Office software. Use any of it that suits your operating skills.

If you need a high-quality design, a more intricate software may be needed. You have to learn how to use those software and find inspirations to help you with your design.

2. Envelope paper quality

A better quality paper will give a better envelope impression at the end. It will also help to enhance the look and design of the envelope. Keep in mind that higher quality paper material will also cost you more. So find a suitable type of material and adjust your company budget to it.

3. Printing the envelope

After completing your design and deciding on the envelope material, you can start printing your custom envelopes. A simple envelope can be printed with the common office inkjet printer. But if you require a bigger envelope to be printed, you can contact a printing service. Printing service may also offer you a better printing quality compared to what you can produce with an office printer. It will save you from rookie mistakes as they are far more experienced in the field.

4. Envelope printing troubleshooting

When printing your envelopes on your own, you might encounter some problems. There are common troubles such as running out of ink while printing, or ink that suddenly stops running, an incompatible paper size, paper jam, imprecise printing, and the unavailability of envelope size in the software you use.

To learn further on how to solve these problems, you can go for an easy step of hopping into the internet’s search engine or get yourself the manual of the printer or any other equipment you use to print. You also have to pay more attention to the compatibility of your design, paper, and available size your printer you can support to avoid complications as mentioned above.