Talking about sticker, of course, as someone who likes stickers already knows how stickers can be used in various things according to our needs related to aesthetics, promotions, and other personal preferences. A sticker is a medium that can voice our expressions and at the same time tell the crowd about a message. It can be a product promotion message, service, or other things. As someone who likes to use stickers too, let’s discuss things about stickers that you may not know, read it until the end. 

1. Definition and Origin of Stickers  

A sticker is a promotional tool in the form of a label that has an adhesive on the back and/or the front (if it is a reverse sticker). This adhesive will work after removing the cover. After that, the sticker can be affixed. Of course, don’t put it anywhere, we must know the place and be aware of the appropriate sticker whether to be posted in a public place. It’s different if the stickers are for your consumption. The use of stickers is said to have been used since ancient Egypt, which was used to attach the price of a commodity, and would be replaced every day. After that, its use expanded to Europe and was used as a price tag and adhesive on postage. 

2. Stickers As Information Providers 

Stickers are one of the best media as a place to convey main and additional information for customers. It can also be used to highlight important information to increase the chances of being noticed by your potential customers. And this will indirectly increase the likelihood of the bargaining and selling process. Important things such as price, contacts, product details, or product specifications can make stickers easier for customers to see, especially if the stickers are designed with an attractive appearance. 

3. Promotional Media at a Very Low Cost

When compared to paper brochures, flyers, and billboards on the streets, the price of making stickers will be much more affordable. Especially when compared to promotions through television or online media, the gap prices will be as if the distance between the earth and the mars. This is one of the advantages of stickers, which until now have not had other types of promotional media. The freedom to make stickers is also an added value that allows users to be creative and compete to make stickers with the most attractive appearance, the best and most durable materials, and the cheapest prices. 

4. All Sizes You Can Think Of 

There is no specific size limit on how big or small the stickers you are about to make. This gives flexibility for the marketing and promotion division of a company and small and medium enterprises to be able to customize their needs for promotion. Stickers for small products such as fruits, knick-knacks, to large electronics and motorized vehicles, use a certain type of sticker on the packaging and product parts to attract consumers’ attention more. 

It is so versatile, right? Let’s compete to make a cool and multifunctional sticker to meet consumer needs and create collaborative work together. Good luck!