Choosing the right material for a banner is important, but firstly coming up with a good design is more important. A good design is the basic and a must if you want to advertise with a banner such as the x stand banner. No matter how good the material of a banner is, without a nice and attractive design, you won’t be able to benefit from your campaign as much as you wanted to. So, don’t rely too much on the material. First, know these designing tips so that they can help you during the designing phase of banner production for advertising.

1. Decide on the right background-color

You can virtually choose any color at all, including black and even white. However, you have to consider the place where it is put up. Will it be hung high? Will it be put up against a wall? What about the average light level? A banner must stand out against its background if it is put up against a wall. For example, if a wall is white, then it is better to choose a bolder and more vibrant color for the background of the banner because if it is also white, then it won’t stand out. Does the place receive a lot of sunlight during the day? Then you have to find a color that still can be visible even under bright lights. What about during the night? Will it be dark? Will it be dim? Find a color that can still be seen under low lights too. Since a banner will be up there for 24 hours a day, it has to always be able to be seen so that everyone can read the content whenever they pass it by at any time of the day.

2. Font

The choice of the font of a banner must be easy to read. Choose fonts that are easy to comprehend and also straightforward. Don’t choose fancy fonts because they tend to be difficult to read. Also, make sure that your banner texts come in the right size so that everything can be seen from a distance. This is especially important if your banner is put in an area where people quickly pass it by or drive past it. A bigger font lets people see it from a farther distance, giving them more time to read and understand your banner. If it is too small, there’s a higher chance that they won’t have enough time to read everything, let alone comprehending the content.

3. Simplicity

Definitely don’t turn your banner space into an essay page. First, try to type up everything you have to say on your banner. Then, turn them into simpler sentences and deliver them as easy as possible. Make sure that the readers of your banner can understand the content of it within seconds because people don’t ponder about it for too long. If you can deliver the promotional message in an easy way, this means that you are doing your promotion in an effective way. This is very important to ensure the success of your campaign.